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This is a simple web to learn and teach English. If you are tired of blackboards and notebooks, don’t hesitate, use eKomensky!


How it works

About Us

We are a group of students who saw an enormous flaw in the way languages are taught: it is extremely boring. Therefore, we decided to create a tool that may help the process of learning and teaching to be a bit more motivating.
Rosa Alemany rosalemany95@gmail.com
Jorge Piqueres jorgepick@gmail.com


With eKomensky teachers will be able to keep track of their students’ progress

Teachers can see the percentages, right answers and mistakes by clicking on the eye near the student’s name.


Students can obtain feedback quickly

Students can contact their teacher to answer questions and get doubts clarified. Furthermore, they can send all the written compositions directly to the teacher.


Get your act together!

It includes a weekly calendar to fix a date for tasks, to receive written compositions, or just to keep things organised!



If you are a teacher:

you might be quite overwhelmed by all the information about your students you have to remember. This is the end of your problem, our WebApp gives you all the data you need to know, scores, rates, attempts... Oh no, you’ve lost a written composition and your student is mad at you, what to do now? Easy, use Ekomensky for the next time, where you can save all the tasks in your PC/smartphone. My students say that the task was meant to be submitted next week, but I think it was for this week… mmm who should I trust? Ekomensky and its amazingly well-designed calendar.

If you are a student:

And let’s face it, you suck at English, use Ekomensky. You can practice over and over again until you master the unit you are studying in class. And do not feel motivated at all, this WebApp gives you a score that may go up depending on your performance. Let’s beat the partner you hate the most and show how good you are! You find your English class boring… . We want to help you, Ekomensky’s friendly interface and multiple possibilities aim to make the English learning process a bit more appealing.

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